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Approved Inspectors are companies or individuals authorised under the Building Act 1984 to carry out building control work in England and Wales. All Approved Inspectors are registered with CICAIR LTD (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Construction Industry Council (CIC) designated by the Secretary of State as the body responsible for approving Approved Inspector status  Approved Inspectors must adhere to the Construction Industry Council's Code of Conduct which includes a complaints procedure.


The CIC also provides a list of approved inspectors and this can be viewed on the CIC website. Your architect, contractor or appointed agent for your building project may often work closely with an Approved Inspector and can often advise you on which Approved Inspector they use.


Approved Inspectors provide cost-effective and client friendly alternative to Local Authority Building Control. They are able to guide you through the Building Regulation Approval process to ensure a successful completion of your project. To instruct an AI, all you need to do is make a phone call, they will ask you to provide a copy of your plan/drawings in order to give a quote for their Services.


You will need to instruct an Approved Inspector, with a minimum of five working days before any build works take place.  This allows the Approved Inspector to serve all statutory notices to Local Authority, by submitting an Initial Notice, the local authority will then place the responsibility for building regulations verification on the Approved Inspector. 

A Final certificate will be issued on completion of your project this is to determine that the works comply with the regulations. Approved Inspectors will give a full assessment of your architectural plans and specifications, for compliance with the building regulations and provide on-going design review.


Approved Inspectors are on hand to advise contractors on any changes to the specifications of the project by carrying  site inspections as the building works progress up to completion of the project.  This includes writing up reports of each site visit, this may include photo records. This provides any documentary evidence should any follow up measures need to be made and can identify any contraventions. Most Approved inspectors will aim to book in a site visit within a 48 hour period.   


LB Building Control Limited provides building control approval for all types of commercial and residential projects.    We primarily focus on acting for clients in the in the central and Greater London area and also up to a 25 mile radius from the M25.  We offer a fast and responsive service, why not come and see for yourself visit us  We look forward to receiving your enquiry.


Contact us today with your plans and a completed Application form for a Guaranteed quotation by return within 24 hours on any business day.  Click here for our Application Form.

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