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LB Building Control Limited: Your partner in Building Control

Our skills turn your ideas into reality! LB Building Control Limited has a long and distinguished track record, with many years' experience of providing dependable and professional services for projects in both the commercial and domestic sectors. Find out more about our excellent team of specialists.  Help is at hand with highly qualified experts who specialise in taking on this task to ensure you stay correct and legal.


Founded eight years ago by Matthew McHugh and Stephen Mandy, the company has grown steadily and now has a whole dedicated team of building control surveyors as well as its valued back-up admin staff. It primarily focuses on acting for clients in central and Greater London and also in towns and villages up to 25 miles outside the M25.


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LB Building Control Limited provide the policy below for the provision of its building control service. The policy will be reviewed annually, taking into account workload, resources and legislation.

LB Building Control Limited will deploy sufficient experienced and suitably qualified staff appropriate to the type of building control work undertaken, in order to meet its duties under the Building Act 1984.

LB will cover all areas of England and Wales, however focus will be on London and the Home Counties.

After regular reviews of current and forecast workloads, in accordance with LB Quality Management System sufficient resources will be allocated to enable LB Building Control Limited to discharge its duties with reasonable skill and care to comply with the Building Control Performance Standards. Ongoing formal reviews of resources and staffing shall be regularly undertaken, to address fluctuations in workload.

Project acceptance: formal procedures will be in place to review the capability and/or capacity of LB Building Control Limited to accept projects either individually or collectively. Managers will be responsible for ensuring capacity and capability.

Resources for existing projects: a process of continuous review shall be undertaken to ensure existing projects are adequately resourced.

LB Building Control Limited will undertake all statutory consultations in a timely manner.  It shall consider the possible desirability of undertaking additional consultations. It will, where appropriate, co-operate as far as possible in a ‘one-stop shop’ approach to development consents.

Assessment of plans
When assessing plans and designs, clear information shall be communicated to the client regarding:

  • non-compliance with the Building Regulations

  • views of statutory consultees

  • conditions pertaining to the approval or passing of plans

  • remedies available in the event of a dispute over compliance.

Records of the plan assessment process: records shall be kept of the design assessment philosophy, and any statutory and/or discretionary consultations, for future reference and continuity of control. Site inspection

Site inspection regime: LB Building Control Limited will maintain an appropriate site inspection regime, which takes full account of relevant factors such as the:

  • degree of detail in the design assessment process

  • nature of the work

  • experience of the builder

  • complexity and rate of build

  • unusual or high risk features

Relevant factors shall be assessed at the outset and regularly reviewed, so that effective control is maintained for the duration of each project, with adequate recording, to demonstrate the application of reasonable skill and care.

Site inspection records: records of each inspection shall be maintained, which identify the work inspected and any non-compliance. Where plans are not available for the work, these records will necessarily be more detailed.

Contraventions: non-compliant work will be communicated promptly and clearly to the responsible person, identifying the contravention(s) and indicating any measure(s) believed to be necessary to remedy the situation. The method for appealing against LB Building Control Limited’s decisions will be explained as and when necessary.

Notification of consultees: during the inspection phase, LB Building Control Limited shall ensure that all statutory consultees are notified of any significant departures from plans. 

Certificates of completion
Upon satisfactory completion of the relevant work, LB Building Control Limited shall give a final Certificate to the local authority, the direct client and other appropriate persons.

Archiving of records
All records relating to the building control service provided to individual projects shall be retained by LB Building Control Limited for a minimum period of 15 years. Arrangements shall be made for their transfer into safe keeping in the event of LB Building Control Limited ceasing trading.


Continuing professional development
As part of the ongoing development of its staff, LB Building Control Limited shall maintain suitable arrangements for Continuing professional development and in-service training.

Review of performance
LB Building Control Limited shall collect and monitor evidence of its performance, in terms of service delivery and compliance or non-compliance of building work with the Building Regulations. It shall have procedures in place to learn from its findings as a part of a process of continuous improvement. It shall also facilitate the sharing of any information that would be of benefit to other Building Control Bodies (BCB) in recognising general areas of difficulty (or failure) in achieving compliance.

Management systems
LB Building Control Limited shall incorporate quality management principles into its service, which can demonstrate that the above Standards are being achieved.

Business ethics
LB Building Control Limited shall observe the highest professional standards and business ethics expected of service providers. LB Building Control Limited shall not attempt to supplant a competitor, or win work, on the basis of interpretation of the regulations. The principle of the building control function being independent shall not be compromised.

Complaints procedure
Any complaints should be addressed to the Manager at please confirm in detail the nature of the complaint. You will then receive an acknowledgment that your complaint has been received within 5 working days. We shall investigate into the matter and normally within 15 working days of receipt of your written summary, we will respond to you with the outcome of the investigation and let you know what actions have been taken or will be taken.


L B Building Control Limited. Registered in England & Wales No 6442788. Registered Office: 4 Navigation Court, Calder Park, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England, WF2 7BJ.  LB Building Control Limited is part of Assent Building Control.

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